Visas for skilled jobs

Before you get the green card, you will have to go through an American visa that will allow you to work in the USA under certain conditions and conditions. Different work permits do not give the same rights.

To avoid becoming illegal, it is therefore a good idea to know the main elements of each type of authorization that will enable you to ask for the one that is appropriate for your personal case.

Visas for skilled jobs

To find out what type of visa is right for you, you need to highlight how you enter the U. S. labor market. If you are being transferred from your employer to a U. S. branch, you will need an L1 visa. You need to be specialized in the job that awaits you in the U. S. in a new company or an existing business of your employer. This type of work permit is valid for 3 years.

If you are a licensed or equivalent qualified staff, your employer must apply for an H1B visa for you. He certifies to the American authorities that he intends to employ you in his company based on American soil and to pay you the "current salary". This type of work permit is saturated with applications. It is valid for 3 years just like its predecessor. In both cases, these visas make it easier to obtain the green card.

Other types of visas

If you want to invest and start a business in the US, the E1 E2 visa is for you. You will need to invest your funds in a company and create at least 10 full-time jobs. The green card will then be issued to you from the first year, but will remain provisional until the end of the second year, when you will have to submit an application to the US administration in order to obtain a definitive one.

The B visa, on the other hand, concerns people who come for business or tourism for more than 90 days. In this case, you will have the right to conclude contracts and to approach customers. Even if this visa is granted for 1 year, 3 years and 5 years, you will only have the right to stay for 6 months in a row and should provide proof that you intend to return to Europe.

Finally, visas are issued to exceptional persons who can prove their athletic or artistic reputation by publishing works of art and awarding prizes. This type of visa is issued mainly to artists and athletes.

If your employer has decided to transfer you to a U. S. branch, you will need to obtain an L1 visa. However, you will be required to provide the requested documents and participate in the interview at the embassy.

Again, if your employer is applying for a transfer to an American cervical company because of your specific job skills, you will need to apply for an HB1 visa.

If ESTA is not enough for you to come to the United States, you must apply for a B visa in order to stay in the USA for more than 90 days to visit the country or for business. Here again, special steps must be taken to obtain this residence permit.

The E visa will be required if you wish to invest in the United States. However, this visa is subject to strict rules regarding the amount of the investment to be made and the number of people hired.


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