Where do I go to find ESTA?

Your trip to the United States is fast approaching. It is time to worry about finding your ESTA form to fill it out. Without this document, you will not be able to embark or disembark on American soil. It is therefore essential that you go to the place where you can obtain ESTA within 72 hours of your departure.

Once you have filled it out and paid the fees, all you have to do is wait for the authorities to reply.

Where do I go to find ESTA?

In fact, you won't have to move from home to find the form. However, you will need your passport and travel document to complete the form. To access this form, everything takes place on the Internet, by electronic means. This seems a little logical for the issuance of an electronic certificate.

You will therefore have the choice of visiting the official website or specialized websites specially dedicated to ESTA.

Simplification of the procedures to find ESTA

The American administration has simplified the procedures for travellers by putting the form online. However, the obligations remain strict. To be eligible for ESTA, you must be able to prove a stay for business or for approval of less than 3 months and not have had any legal problems with the American authorities among others.

Once on the site, you will access the online form which is presented in the form of three distinct blocks. Here, all you have to do is answer the questions. Then, you will pay a handling fee of between 14 euros and 80 euros. Finally, you will only have to wait for the answer of the American authorities by mail.

What happens after I get the form?

The authorities will consider your request. To find out more about the deadline, the statutes and the delivery of the document, we encourage you to read the dedicated article.

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