When to tip in the USA

Tip for what kind of work in the USA?

Are you going to the United States for the first time? You have to learn the customs and customs of this country where tourists are not unnoticed and quickly stereotyped at the slightest glitch.

TIP is a European custom at its core, and the practice of "TIP" is very popular in the USA. In reality, tips are an integral part of American culture and any self-respecting tourist will have the common sense to follow them. They even constitute a real income for certain classes of workers.

Depending on the type of work, you will have to leave a tip higher or lower.

What is the tip? How does it work? Let us find out right away.

You will find "tip glasses" in almost all shops!

Tip would come from the acronyms "To Improve Performance" and would be given as a token of appreciation to anyone doing you a favour. It would have been created by an English bar manager who had the idea of placing a small urn so that each satisfied customer could put in a small supplement for the person who served him or her.

A practice that has become popular in many countries around the world, tipper is seen as a generous gesture that is particularly appreciated in the United States.

Although not mandatory, Tip is of particular importance in the United States, a country where service is almost never neglected.

The tip, a main income, not a supplement:

Not tipping would mean first of all that you were not happy with the service we offered you which would be a very bad thing to do if the service went without a single incident.

But still, it is important to know that tips make up the bulk of American staff salaries. Why? Why? For the simple reason that in most cases they are paid at the minimum wage. They therefore depend more on the value of the tip than on the fees they receive in one day.

This explains why, in some American establishments, tip practice is mandatory.

The tip, a declared income and tax:

Considered as remuneration in its own-right, tips are declared and taxed in the United States. Previously defined on the basis of a percentage according to the service rendered, if you type below the established average, you will oblige the person who has done his work impeccably to pay taxes for a higher amount than what you actually gave him. In other words, it does not gain anything!

The tip, for busboys:

Do you know the busboy? It is this young man who makes unceasing trips back and forth to make sure you don't run out of water or bread on your table. It is not the one who serves you, but the one who puts the tableware on the table, in short, who carries out the heaviest and most ungrateful tasks so that you feel comfortable.

Busboys are often immigrants paid minimum wages and their financial conditions are generally deplorable. What does this have to do with you? Often teaming up with the servers, they often share tips with each other at the end of the day.

In other words, before you tip, keep in mind that the tip you leave will probably still be split in two.

Who to give tips to?

In the United States, tips are never included in the bill, remuneration or price you set for a particular service.

In other words, you must give a "Tip" to all those who have rendered you a service, namely: the taxi driver, the waiter or waitress in the restaurant, the bartender, the maid in your hotel, the carrier of luggage, the pizza delivery man, the grocer, the deliveryman of laundry, the car washer, the gas station attendant, the hairdresser.

The value of tips, how much to give?

You will be surprised to discover that tourists, Europeans in particular, do not have a very good reputation for tips. Indeed, they are considered to be "Very Bad Tippers."

If you are going to the United States for the first time, take this opportunity to get your points back on the "Tips" and prove to America that the Europeans are far from being cheap, or that they are not all cheap! Tip up the quality of the service we have given you and the level of your satisfaction.

The minimum agreement for a tip is 15%, but depending on the service and your status, the tip can be up to 18% or 20% of the bill. There is nothing to stop you from going beyond that, of course, because with a very good memory, U. S. service personnel always remember generous customers. They will be more motivated and dedicated to your next meeting.

Tip basics:

  • For the waiter in a restaurant: 15% of the bill.
  • For the bartender: $1 per glass if you are up, $2 per glass if you are sitting.
  • For taxi drivers: 15% of the cost of the journey.
  • For the maid in your hotel: $3 to $5.
  • For luggage carrier: $1 per suitcase.
  • For the pizza delivery guy: $2 to $3.
  • For the laundry delivery service: 2 $ on average per laundry bag.
  • For the grocery delivery man: $1 per bag according to their weight or $2 depending on the number of floors assembled.
  • For the gas station pump operator: $1 to $2.
  • For the car washer: $2 minimum.
  • For the shoe polisher: $2.
  • For the hairdresser at the hairdresser's salon: 15% of the bill.
  • For the beautician at the beauty salon: 15% of the bill.
  • For the cloakroom staff: $1.

Tipping a U. S. Institution:

To calculate the tip you have to leave, use total and gross bill, including VAT, as a basis for calculating the tip value.

For a 15% Tip (Minimum service:

  • Take the sum, divide it by 10
  • Divide the result by 2
  • Divide the result by 2

Add the two results!

  • $200/10 = $20
  • $20/2 = $10.00
  • Take the sum, divide it by 10
  • Divide the result by 2
  • Take the sum again, divide it by 100 and multiply the result by 3
  • Add the three results!



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