What is the deadline for applying for the residence permit form?

As with any administrative document, ESTA is no exception and requires deadlines to be respected. Deadlines for filing before departure also delays in obtaining them. It is therefore better to know the regulations in force so that you do not have to be too late or too early.

It would still be a shame to miss your departure for Uncle Sam's country for a poor assessment of the time taken to issue the residence permit form.

What is the deadline for applying for the residence permit form?

There is no time limit for requesting ESTA. You may as well do it fifteen days before your departure, but in the week preceding your departure, nothing in the legal texts obliges you to respect a certain period of time. So, you are free to ask whenever you want. However, it is necessary to know the delivery time to expect at best and not to be caught short.

Remember that your request is taken into account by the U. S. authorities, only after you have validated your application form and paid the application fee. It is also advisable to pay by credit card in order to reduce the processing time. A payment by cheque will extend the length of time your file will be processed.

What is the response time of the American authorities?

You will receive an answer by email for your ESTA request. This email can arrive within minutes or within 72 hours. Plan to apply at least 72 hours before your departure to ensure that you get your travel authorization on time.

If after 3 days you still don’t have any answer, it is advisable to check it. The first step is to verify that you have validated your file. The second request is to check that your payment has been debited to your account. Finally, the third step is to see if a file number has been assigned to you.

Is the document valid for a certain period of time?

The duration of the ESTA is described in a more detailed article. It is advisable to refer to it for more information.


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