What to eat? American food

American food, don't miss breakfast during your stay in the USA?

Did you know that? In the United States, there are not only fast-foods and burgers! Food, contrary to popular belief, is a true culture in Uncle Sam's country where it varies from state to state. And know it; it is really possible to eat healthy and balanced.

You have already got mouth water? Let's discover together the food made in USA starting with breakfast, the meal not to miss!

Breakfast, the most important meal in the United States:

If in Europe, breakfast is too often neglected, it is "the most important meal of the day" in the United States. That's why the Americans consider it rich, copious and particularly well furnished, in short, enough to last a whole day if necessary.

On the menu: The famous American breakfast that you will have to taste at least once during your stay. It is made up of the famous pancakes that are often eaten with blueberries, French toast, cereals, hash browns (roasted potatoes), without forgetting eggs and bacons.

As a drink, you will have the choice between fruit juice and bottomless, the famous ultra-extended coffee known as "sock juice". Where do you get that kind of breakfast? In some cafeterias, but to make sure you are falling on it, head for the youth hostels instead.

You can also have the first meal of your day in popular restaurants and coffee shops. Usually offering a varied menu, you can sample bagels and doughnuts, muffins and granolas. For those who don't know it yet, it's a tasty blend of cereal, yogurt and fruit. To taste absolutely!

Lunch, where are you going to eat?

Usually taken between noon and 2:30 p. m., Americans are not very fond of lunch. Yes, yes, yes! The lighter and less abundant, some of them are satisfied with mixed salads with sauces for breakfast. This will be the occasion for you to discover and appreciate other sauces than the everlasting French dressing: blue cheese, Italian dressings, Cesar, etc.

Where to have lunch? In the United States, there is no shortage of good addresses!

The restaurants:

You can go to a restaurant, where today's specials are displayed at the entrance. If you have time to sell, why not try the "All you can eat" formulas offered by some establishments, which, for just a few dollars, allows you to compose your own menu, at gogo!

The short food:

Food courts are cafeterias that offer, at lunchtime, a variety of low-cost catering options. With a menu as long as the arm, you can enjoy Italian, Mexican, Spanish and even Asian cuisine in addition to American cuisine.

The Fast Foods:

And there is of course the famous fast food, without which the United States would not be what it would be. Even if you are not very fond of fatty and hyper caloric food, you will have to go there at least once during your stay, passage in the USA obliges!

Fast food chains are numerous in the United States and you will have the choice between several famous brands: Burger Fi, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, CHili's, etc. There is something for all tastes and themes.

What do we eat there? That is based on frying, with fat and lipid sauces. It is in these addresses that you will finally be able to taste the famous hamburger that is so famous in the United States. And rest assured! Contrary to what you are used to find in France, this one is made up of fresh, soft and tender steaks! You can also taste tacos, pancakes, cheeseburger...

The basic menu: A hamburger, fries and a bottle of coca!

The Steak House:

This is an ideal address for those who like meat in all its forms. In a Steak House, you can enjoy a New York Steak, T-bone steak, Top Sirloin and many other dishes. As an accompaniment, you will be entitled to a huge potato, probably the biggest one you will have seen and served at the table: The giant potato of Idaho.

Dietetic restaurants:

Of course, if you prefer to eat organic food, you will have no difficulty in finding a restaurant offering healthy and dietetic menus in the United States.


If you are in a hurry, you can buy ready-made meals and take-away in supermarkets.


Prepare your taste buds, the Americans like their desserts sweet or even very sweet.

On the menu, you can choose between cheesecake, chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, apple pies, pecan pie and pumpkin pies.

If like the Americans, you are a big fan of ice cream, you will be served in the United States! The choice is wide: ice cream topped with walnut chips, caramel, cereal, etc.

Dinner, to eat on the go:

Even though it is a bit "official" or even "intimate" in Europe, dinner in the United States is not so important. Americans often take it on the run and see no harm in taking it in a bar where happy hour formulas are often offered, composed of a dish and a drink, all at low cost.

If you want a more formal dinner, you can of course go to a restaurant. But we will have to leave early because in the United States, we eat between 5 and 6 pm in the evening. If you're not used to eating so early, you can turn to Fast Foods, but beware, they close their doors around 9pm!

Drinks to accompany your meal:

In addition to the cocas, soft drinks and energy drinks that Americans particularly appreciate, in the category of non-alcoholic beverages, you will be able to quench your thirst with tea, iced tea, milk shakes, coffee (latte or long), cappuccino, macchiato or smoothie.

For alcoholic beverages, you can buy them in the Liquor Stores. As for beer, the famous ales and lagers, you will find them in grocery stores, supermarkets or microbreweries. For a drink with a bit more body, go to a bar from 4 p. m., where you can taste the famous American whisky.

Brunch, an improved breakfast:

Very famous in the United States, brunch is a special formula offered by some restaurants on Saturdays and Sundays only. This is a meal usually eaten between 10:30 and 11 a. m., when it is too early to have lunch and too late for breakfast. Hence the name "brunch", a rather simple combination of the words "breakfast" and "lunch".


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