Visit New York: a week to see everything

The Big Apple has more than one trick in its bag. It will take a good week of your trip to the USA to visit New York. The Statue of Liberty is of course one of the must-see sights of this destination, but there are so many things to see that you don't know where to start.

Starting from the Central Park skating rinks to the Manhattan building and Chinatown; a quick look at the city's most popular skating rink and the city's most popular skating rink.

Places to visit and souvenirs to store:

New York is undoubtedly a place to be. When you are advised to plan a good week to visit it, these are not empty words. The Big Apple is vast, even immense. In fact, it is divided into boroughs, called boroughs, which each have their own personality.

You probably know Wall Street, the business district, Central Park or Times Square, if only for seeing these places on the big screen, as they attract the seventh art.

Queens is where Chinatown, Little India... A cosmopolitan neighborhood, this is where you should buy your souvenirs. The walk continues through the World Trade Center and the Twins Towers Memorial. A ferry ride is a must to get you on Liberty Island in the company of the status of Freedom.

Visit New York from above

On 5th Avenue, you will cross the Rockfeller Plaza Road. You won't miss the opportunity to climb on the top of the rock for a breathtaking view of the Big Apple. The Empire State Building will take you to the next level. The second highest building in Manhattan, it overlooks the city from a height of 443 metres.

After this heightening, a world of culture opens up to you at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You can finally finish your tour of the West Coast. The upscale neighbourhood of Greenwich village is the successor to SoHo's art galleries.

Other destination to see absolutely:

The United States has big cities and fabulous places to see absolutely. How about a little trip to Hawaii?

When the embargo is lifted, it is certain that the flow of financial flows between Cuba and the USA, tourism or trade will be facilitated once again.

Multiple travel options from the USA to Cuba:

With the normalization of US-Cuban relations having become a reality, travel between the two countries has recovered. This is evidenced by the signature on 16 February 2016 of a bilateral agreement authorizing 110 daily flights between the two countries and possible access to the ESTA.

The ferry from Miami to Havana:

Since Miami, Cuba's only 150 kilometers away. On 5 May 2015, a representative of the US Treasury announced the licensing of ferry companies authorizing them to operate between the United States and Cuba. It had been more than 50 years since this journey was no longer possible.

From Florida, more precisely Miami, to the Cuban coast, there are just 150 km. Many Florida ferry companies can now travel this short distance with American tourists on board.

Since September 2015, this possibility has been realized. From now on, to get to Cuba from Miami, you just have to make a reservation with an approved ferry company.


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