Visit Las Vegas: What to see

Let yourself be captivated by the 100% American atmosphere of Sin City, the City of Light.

If you are visiting the United States, a visit to Las Vegas is a must! A tourist destination in its own right, the one that was once called "The City of Sin" is the object of curiosity for all, Americans and foreigners, tourists and residents. Located in the heart of the Nevada desert, the American city fascinates with its glittering scenery and extraordinary shows.

Are you going to Vegas? However, these are not the only entertainment Sin City has to offer. Also, to avoid the impression of escaping your visit, here are some good ideas of the places and places you should definitely visit in the realm of gambling and money!

Las Vegas and its casinos, a flagship of the United States:

Las Vegas has built its reputation on gambling, so it would be foolish to go without going to its many casinos. And believe it, there are many of them! Each of them has a different theme, they are all different and not one is worth the other. By visiting them one by one, at the end of your journey, you will have had an impression of the most famous monuments of this world.

What can you do in casinos? There are many activities there! Between the traditional roulette, slot machines and card games, the choice is left to your discretion. Be aware, however, that all the entertainment offered in these establishments is not free of charge, because everything in Las Vegas is made to make you spend money!

The Strip, Las Vegas Central Boulevard and its breathtaking facades:

A walk along the Strip is mandatory during your stay. Bordered by the most famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos such as the New York - New York, Caesar's Palace, Venetian and Paris Las Vegas, the boulevard stretches from south to north from Mandalay Bay to Stratosphere.
You can also take advantage of your walk to go shopping. The Strip is home to the Fashion Show Mall, the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops and the Planet Hollywood, places where you can buy everything you need at all prices!

The New York - New York, one of the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas.

As one of the finest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, the New York - New York is a mini version of Manhattan. With a sumptuously typical décor of the city from which it takes its name, the immense status of Freedom alone is enough to impress you. In its den, this hotel offers a multitude of entertainment, including the famous The Roller Coaster.

The New York-New York roller coaster is 62 metres high and stands out for its cars, whose colours are inspired by New York taxis. With a speed of 107 km/h, they let you go 44 meters high, make you turn 180 degrees, hang you at 26 meters from the ground... to guarantee you strong sensations each one more than the other. From the top of these rides, you will have an unobstructed view of the south of the Strip.

Paris Las Vegas, a little corner of France in the heart of the United States:

Located in the heart of the Strip, between Bally's and Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, just in front of the Bellagio, as its name implies, Paris Las Vegas invites you in a mini version of Paris. The fifty-storey Eiffel Tower is proof of this! Measuring 165 metres, half of the original, it offers visitors a restaurant and a panoramic terrace from which you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Strip and the Bellagio fountains.

The hotel measures 112 metres and alone mobilizes nearly half a dozen thousand employees every day and every night to offer its clients the best of services. In the complex, you can also admire a reduced replica of the Arc De Triomphe, the Fountains of the Sea in Place de la Concorde and the Aérostat des frères Montgolfier.

Paris Las Vegas has hundreds of gaming tables and thousands of slot machines at your disposal for entertainment. With ten restaurants, the best of French gastronomy is served in Las Vegas.

The Grand Canyon, the most beautiful natural site in the United States, just a stone's throw from Las Vegas:

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The 446-kilometre long, 29 kilometres wide and up to 1800 metres deep, this incredible natural scar is rightly attracting more than five million visitors a year. For this reason, it is necessary to book the hotel well in advance in order to visit it. Situated less than a hundred kilometres away, Flagstaff has the cheapest hotels. You can observe the Grand Canyon from many points: from the north bank to the south bank. However, note that if the south shore is much better, it is only accessible from May to October.

Most visitors take advantage of their visit to make small excursions, hiking and horseback riding trips to enjoy the spectacular panorama offered by the Grand Canyon.

Pinball Hall of Fame or Cirque du Soleil, unique entertainment in Las Vegas:

The Pinball Hall of Fame is simply the largest and only Flipper Museum in Las Vegas. Located in front of the Liberace Museum, you will find 200 Pinballs Machine owned by Tim Arnold, who collected them for almost half a century, from the 1950s to the 1990s. The Pinball Hall of Fame is open from 11:00 a. m. to 11:00 p. m. and welcomes you at no charge. To play Flippers, you will only have to pay a maximum of $50!

Visiting Las Vegas without seeing at least one show would be a terrible waste and there is no better way than Cirque du Soleil in this area! Performing in most of the prestigious hotels in Las Vegas, you can see if you live in the Luxor Hotel, Bellagio or New York - New York City.

What is the best time for a pleasant visit to Sin City?

Las Vegas can be visited throughout the year, however, note that there is a desert climate where the blazing sun is present almost 300 days a year. During the summer season, the average temperature can easily reach up to 40°C, and the very frequent heat wave makes daytime outings very complicated.

Of course, air conditioning exists in Las Vegas and is even very popular there. But outside of hotels and gaming halls, however, the risk of thermal shock is high even outside in the evening. To take full advantage of all that Las Vegas has to offer in terms of culture, history and entertainment as a result, it is best to go there in the spring or fall when the climate is less aggressive and accommodation costs less expensive.


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