Have a trip to Hawai, the same procedures as for entering the United States

A renowned archipelago of 122 islands and located almost 4000 km from San Francisco, Hawaii is considered a must-see tourist destination. Attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, it seduces with its blue lagoons, its tropical climate, its white sandy beaches, its extraordinary waterfalls, its diversity, the multitude of entertainments it offers, its culture rocked to the rhythm of the ukulele and its heavenly scenery.

There is no question about it! At least once in his life, you have to visit Honolulu!

Especially since today, thanks to the VISA Exemption Program, this dream is no longer as inaccessible as it used to be and the steps are much simpler. Because, did you know that? It is now possible to discover the 50th American state without a VISA. Yes, yes, yes! An Electronic Travel Authorization for the United States (ESTA) is more than enough!

What is ESTA and why does it allow you to visit Hawaii?

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is a mandatory online form that must be completed before traveling to the United States. In other words, if you want to go to Hawaii, you must obtain this travel authorization beforehand.

The benefits? Entry into the Visa Waiver Program allows the beneficiary to enter and stay in the U. S. for up to 90 days without having a VISA. Can benefit anyone:

Originating from one of the 27 ENP member countries.

Less than 90 days stay in the USA.

Transiting through the United States to another country.

Entering the United States by air or sea.

Please note that ESTA is valid for two years.

ESTA is to be requested online, on the website: If you are planning a stay in Hawaii, you must submit your request no later than 72 hours before your departure. However, it is advisable to do so well before booking tickets. Although Homeland Security can respond quickly (within hours of the request) if travel authorization is refused, you will have to start the process of applying for a VISA. This leaves you with very little time if you come across a refusal to accept your presumed departure within 3 days.

What are the requirements to visit Hawaii with ESTA?

Under the Enhanced Security Border and Visa Entry Act, an act passed in 2002 to strengthen security upon entry into the United States, in order to obtain an ESTA, you will need an individual passport:

  • Optical reader, issued before October 26, 2005.
  • Optical reader and digital photo, issued between October 26, 2005 and 2006.
  • Electronic or biometric and digital photo, issued from 26th October.\

Please note that the passport, whatever it is, must be valid.Whether you plan to travel by air or sea to Hawaii, you will also need to bring:

  • Your round-trip ticket.
  • Or a ticket proving the continuity of your journey in the case of transit.
  • Form I-94W for a sea voyage.

You will also be required to travel on board a company that is a member of the VISA Waiver Program.

What to visit in Hawaii?

Have you obtained your travel authorization? Is that it, are you finally going to Hawaii? Here are some ideas of islands not to be missed, to discover absolutely on the Archipelago!

Honolulu Island

Hawaiian capital city stretching over 70 km, Honolulu is the largest city in the Archipelago. Meaning "Sheltered Bay," it is particularly appreciated by the Japanese who are numerous there. It offers a multitude of other activities and is very popular with tourists, as it is not boring at all.

On the programme: snorkeling, kite surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, golf, visits to museums and galleries, walks in botanical gardens, etc.

Big Island is full of wild and beautiful places!

While Honolulu is the largest city, Big Island has the status of the largest island. Measuring 150 kilometres and covering an area of 10,435 km², it is well known and attracts tourists because it still houses 2 active volcanoes, allowing it to gain 220 hectares more thanks to lava flows into the ocean.

Hawaii is home to 15% of the archipelago's population and stands out for its splendid orchids.

You can visit Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park, the famous South Point, the petroglyphs of King's Trail, the splendid Akaka Falls, and why not, dive into the naturally warm Ahalanui Park swimming pool.

Maui Island

Probably one of the islands Maui is the most famous and popular seaside resort in Hawaii. With a surface area of 1,902 km² and a length of 240 km, Maui is appreciated for its beaches, but above all for the spas it contains, which are considered to be the best in the field.

It is rich in culture, history and entertainment, surfing, golf, cycling to the Haleakala volcano, hiking in the Iao Valley State Park, scuba diving on the Molokini Island, cruises, and more.

Kauai Island

The oldest island of the archipelago, Kauai is not very big, but has a special charm, which makes it the destination not to be missed! The northernmost city in Hawaii, its beauty and exceptional scenery have made it one of the historic theatres of American cinema: Indiana Jones, King Kong, Jurassic Park and Godzilla.

Important note on the steps to prepare your trip to Honolulu

When you complete your U. S. Travel Authorization Application Form, a number of personal questions about yourself and your passport and stay will be raised. Since November 3,2014, this information will be supplemented by additional and mandatory questions about your nickname, your parents, your city of birth, your contact information, your employer's contact details, emergency contact information and your contacts in the USA.

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