Cuba Republic to discover in the US trave

Cuba, a multicolored republic with atypical architecture, opens the doors of its cities to you. Tourism is in the spotlight and promises you some nice surprises. On the programme of your tour, the must-see Havana site is in first place, followed closely by the long sandy beaches of Cayo Guillermo.

But the Pearl of the West Indies has more than one curiosity to make its visitors discover. If you are looking for a change of scenery, you will be served. Your trip promises to be a colorful one.

Cuba, a republic to be discovered at the rhythm of salsa:

Do you hear the music invading you? You can't control your feet anymore, driven by the rhythm of percussion. No doubt, you are in Cuba. Here, the party is permanent and salsa sounds as much at night as during the day at the corner of the streets as in pubs. You will probably take a walk around Havana. This city alone sums up the whole atmosphere of Cuba.

From the visit of the cigar workshops to Malecon Boulevard, you will never stop opening your eyes to discover this city with its varied architecture.

Discover Cuba differently:

Cuba is not just a city, even if it is particularly representative. You'd rather crap in the bush? A hike in the Sierra Maestra is made for you. Breathtaking landscapes in un-spoilt nature are within walking distance. You will no doubt come across the crocodile trail, but it is above all the different species of birds that are to be remembered from this trip.

Do you want to relax? Choose one of the long sandy beaches of the Cuban coast. Extremely touristic or wild, the sandy stretches and beautiful coves are all ready to receive your towel. Cuba is a paradise for deep-sea fishing and has such clear water that it invites you to scuba diving.

Other famous sites in the USA:

While Cuba captivates and charms its visitors, Las Vegas attracts as much as it seduces. Total change of atmosphere, casinos and gigantism are exits. Plan your holidays by discovering other sites.


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