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How much will it cost to study on a campus in the USA?

Harvard, Yale... so many prestigious names from American universities that make a lot of students dream. However, their costs are exorbitant and it takes a lot of money to be able to pretend to study on one of these campuses. But Uncle Sam's country becomes immediately more accessible when you know the bottom of the case. And in reality, you will be far from paying astronomical sums to study in the USA.

The cost of American universities:

When we talk about the cost of American universities, we have to take into account not only the annual tuition fees, but also the cost of housing and living expenses. You can say that the total amount is a small sum, whatever university you choose.

Indeed, to put it in concrete terms and quantify the amount you will have to pay annually, it is important to know that the registration fee is roughly $40,000. Add about $10,000 for housing, not to mention living expenses. The annual cost is therefore estimated at between $50,000 and $55,000.

How can I reduce the cost of attending an American university?

Although the annual fees are exorbitant, the United States remains the country where everything is possible and it proves it once again. In fact, to study on a prestigious campus, you don't have to be a descendant of Creole. This scholarship system allows the U. S. administration to allocate large enough sums of money to cover a portion of tuition fees.

It is important to know that each university has its own system of scholarships, which it allocates to merit or to the student who needs it most. Thus, 20 per cent of students are fully supported by the system, while 70 per cent receive partial support. This brings the actual number of students paying the full fee to between 10% and 30%. However, do not forget that your studies in the USA cannot take place without a J-1 visa.

Tips to save money:

To further reduce the cost of studying in the United States, you can also play on accommodation costs. For example, investing in an American family will bring you multiple benefits in addition to saving money.


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