To get on a plane, you have to go through customs:

To get to the United States, you can fly by plane. Practical and fast to use, air transport is always very popular, regardless of the type of stay you are planning. However, if you have never flown before, there are a few rules you should know for your safety and comfort.

In this article, we have put together several tips to help you enjoy your trip to the USA in complete peace of mind.

To get on a plane, you have to go through customs:

If you have never been on a plane before, it's best to be aware of the security measures that have been tightened up since the attacks. To be able to board, you will first have to go to your airline's boarding counter. There, your checked baggage will be picked up and an agent will check your identity documents, ESTA or visa before issuing you a boarding pass.

After that, you will proceed to customs which will give you access to the boarding area. For customs clearance, you will need to remove your shoes, belts, vests and belts and put them in bins that will be x-rayed. Likewise, your cosmetics and toiletries must be placed in re-sealable transparent plastic bags and undergo the same inspection.

Finally, your computers, tablets and cameras will also be passed through the X-ray tunnel. If you do not want to keep them on you, put them in your checked baggage.

Baggage in the hold of the aircraft:

For your flight, you must choose your suitcase. If you are on a business trip, carry-on baggage is more than enough. If you are travelling to the USA for tourism, choose a light and sturdy suitcase. Select a roulette wheel that will make it easier for you to get around airports.

Pay attention to the weight so that you don't have to pay extra when you check in your suitcase.

This one will travel in the hold with your large animals. Small animals are allowed in the cabin provided they are in a closed box. Be aware that your dog will be denied access to many places in the America. But if you want to travel with him, you will have to take steps and obtain his passport. He must of course be up to date with his vaccinations.

To fly with your pet, you must present proper documentation. Be aware that dogs are not especially appreciated in the States.

To travel well by plane, you must take a suitcase that will make your life easier. But among the number of models, it is sometimes difficult to choose the one that suits you best. Depending on the type of trip you are planning, you can choose a suitcase adapted to your stay.

For some time now, security at airports has been tightened. This means that you will be subject to controls, as will your suitcase and handbag when you pass through customs.


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