Factors that affect to get ESTA out of your hand.

To go to the United States, you need your passport and luggage ready. This electronic document is issued 72 hours before your departure and requires you to be accepted for boarding on a flight to the United States. You cannot do without this form and the acceptance of the ESTA formalities, which attests to your eligibility to travel to Uncle Sam's country. Focus on the mandatory elements...

Factors that affect to get ESTA out of your hand.

Several elements affect your eligibility to the ESTA request. First of all, your country of departure plays a major role. Indeed, the country in question must have signed a convention with the United States which authorizes its nationals to use ESTA. Please be aware that 22 countries of the European Union and 5 Asian countries are concerned by this visa waiver measure.

Secondly, the airline or shipping company you have selected for your trip must be recognized by the American authorities.

Finally, ESTA is only authorized for professional or tourism-related stays not exceeding 3 months. You must therefore be in possession of a return air ticket and the delay between the departure date and the return date must be less than 90 days. Please note that one-way tickets prohibit you from accessing ESTA.

Conditions to get your ESTA

It will be obvious that the first condition for obtaining ESTA is that you must have a valid passport to prove your identity. You should never have had any legal problems with the U. S. authorities, such as suppression at the border or trouble with the law on a previous trip.

Finally, you must not have applied for a visa that was previously refused.

If you meet all these conditions, you only have to apply online within 72 hours before your departure. You will then have every chance of getting your ESTA and being able to board for the USA.

Are the mandatory elements the same in case of renewal?

If your ESTA is about to expire and wish to renew, it is preferable to refer our article on this subject where you will find all the answers to your questions.

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