How to Study in the United States:

How to Study in the United States:

Would you like to go to the United States for your studies? To study in the States, you have several options. However, all are subject to special conditions and formalities. You must therefore be informed of the obligations and steps to be taken in order to correctly determine your project and achieve your objective. It is advisable to do this well in advance before you leave.

The different possibilities to study in the States:

You will have a choice depending on your goals and the length of time you want to study in the United States. Indeed, you have the possibility to leave for an internship in the States. To find the company that will welcome you on site, several means are at your disposal such as your university, word-of-mouth or sites specialized in this type of advertisement.

Once you have found your internship, you will need to obtain a J1 visa by contacting the American embassy in your country.

You want to leave as an au pair here again; dedicated organizations will help you to position yourself. And here too, you will need to obtain a visa before you can leave, even if you have found the family you are going to work with. It is the ideal combination of travel and education for those who have the soul to keep children while immersing themselves in the everyday life of an American family.

Exchange programs to study in the States:

You can also simply study in the United States through the exchange program with American universities. You must meet certain eligibility requirements. The advantage is that your university helps you with the procedures. You will also find sites specialized in the exchange program. The costs of American universities are very high.

Also, you will certainly be relieved to learn that you can take advantage of the U. S. scholarship system to finance your year of study.

To this we must add the cost of housing. Spending the year in a host family can be an advantageous solution from all points of view. This will be an opportunity for a complete immersion in American culture at a lower cost. And you will be back from your trip to the States completely bilingual. Even if you are part of an exchange program, you will still need a visa to leave.

Once again, the American embassy in your country is approached and asked to do so well in advance.

Do you dream of an internship in the States? Internships are not easy to find. However, a good network and dedicated sites can help you in your steps. However, don't forget to ask for the corresponding visa in order to be able to carry out your internship in the States.

Going to study in the United States is a dream that many students covet. However, American universities are known to be expensive and unaffordable. What exactly is the situation?

To study in the United States, you will benefit from the exchange program between with American universities. Ask your school for more information. They will give you the appropriate advice.

To limit your study expenses, you can choose to live in an American family. In addition to the financial economy, this type of housing offers many advantages in terms of language as well as the learning of customs and manners.

You may wish to try the au pair experience in the USA and immerse yourself in American culture. There are several dedicated organizations that can help you position yourself. However, you will need to obtain your visa by yourself.


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