Enhanced security in plane

Security measures for air transport:

Since the attacks of 2001, numerous security measures have been put in place to enhance air transport security. You must be aware of the terms of these provisions, as not everything is allowed in the cabin and some of your belongings will have to travel in the baggage compartment when they are not confiscated at customs.

To learn everything you need to know and travel with peace of mind, follow our tips in the following article.

Products authorized for airplane use:

The following instructions must be followed in order to transport certain products. Otherwise, they will be removed from your account as soon as you pass through customs. As these are commonly used toiletries, we advise you to take care to follow the instructions carefully, otherwise you will have to buy everything back when you arrive to be able to wash yourself.

Thus, in the list of products authorized under certain conditions, you will find bottles of water or beverages, shampoo, cosmetics in general, but also perfume, shaving foam bombs and tubes of toothpaste and lipstick.

To carry these items in your handbag, you will need to follow size instructions. Therefore, your vials should not exceed 90 cm3 or 3 ounces liquid. All the above-mentioned products must be packed in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag, which must also be re-sealable and subject to size constraints: a quarter of a gallon or 0.946 litres.

The compulsory customs clearance before boarding the aircraft:

When you pass through customs, you will be subject to various controls. For example, you will need to place your shoes, keys, jackets and belts in a container intended for X-ray. Then you will pass through a metal-detection portal. Finally, you may be subject to a body search.

For items that you carry in your hand luggage, you will also need to present them in a bin so that they can be X-rayed individually. The small bag containing the above mentioned products is of course at the top of the list. Your cameras, telephones, laptops and tablets will also have to be placed in separate bins.

Measures for the air transport of your pet:

Your pet accompanies you on American soil. It must also be carried in a specific way to ensure its comfort and safety, but also that of other passengers. We invite you to refer our dedicated article (see below).

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