The basic rules of ESTA

A mandatory ESTA travel form will be required to board the ship to the United States (you can refer to the folowing article: What is ESTA?). You must therefore be in good standing with the American administration and in possession of ESTA. However, the regulations for issuing this document can be complex. It is therefore better to inform you before your departure to know everything about the formalities to be accomplished.

The basic rules of ESTA

In order to obtain ESTA, you must be from one of the 22 countries of the European Union or 5 Asian countries that are registered in the visa waiver program. In this case, you can apply for ESTA. Anyone wishing to stay in the United States for a business or tourist trip of less than 90 days must therefore be provided with this document.

It is worth noting that even if you only need to transit on American soil, the mandatory entry form must still be completed.

Every adult, but also every child, even at an early age, must apply for ESTA. Minors have the same obligations as adults and must absolutely obtain the famous document before their departure. You must fill in the application form online and pay the application fee, between 10 euros and 80 euros, for your baby and yourself.

There is no rate reduction for minors. The child must also have a valid passport in his or her name.

The delay rules for the issue of ESTA

Please note that the ESTA delivery time may vary from a few minutes after the validation of your application to 72 hours. This data allows you to plan a sufficient length of time before your departure to be sure to obtain the document before the day of departure. However, you should be aware that from the moment you obtain ESTA, its validity starts to run. The form remains valid for 2 years.

The important thing is to keep in mind that you should not stay more than 90 days on American soil. After this time, you will be outlawed and liable to imprisonment. Besides, if you misplace your ESTA, it's not a big deal. The electronic certificate is registered and is authentic. The paper version is only a security since at your boarding, the ESTA verification is done by computer.

Finally, when your document expires, you simply need to renew it.

ESTA requires compliance with a certain number of rules to be known for obtaining it, but also concerning its validity. You must respect them and comply with them, otherwise your ESTA will be refused.

ESTA allows you to travel to the USA for 90 days. However, its validity is much longer. You must therefore know for how long, ESTA is granted to you if you wish to return to the United States.

ESTA is mandatory for stay on American soil for a maximum of 90 days. In the event of simple transit in the United States, this document will also be required. You should be aware that all persons travelling to the USA must have this required pass.

Like all official documents, ESTA is subject to the conditions of time limits for issuing and renewing documents. No one is supposed to ignore the law. It is therefore better to find out more about this before you start taking steps.

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