Customs at the American table

As in all countries, local customs have an important place in American life. In order not to be considered a bad person or worse, a tourist, here are some rules of courtesy to know before going to the USA.

From your table manners to the famous tips to Memorial Day, you must apply these principles of life to the letter at the risk of making yourself badly seen as soon as you arrive in the United States.

Customs at the American table

Unlike in Europe, the most abundant meal in the United States is breakfast. It usually consists of pancake with blueberry, egg and bacon, fried potatoes and cereals. You can also find granola, cereal and yoghurt mixes or bagels.

Lunch on the run: Light salad or steak house, are on the menu. Finally, dinner has the particularity of having a drink between 5 p. m. and 6 p. m. If you want to dine outdoors, it's best to know, because even restaurants close early. The fast-food service is extended to 9 p. m. only.

Now that you know what is on the menu, it's time to focus on how to sit at the table. Hands rest on the knees, not on the table. The toothpick is to be avoided. If you are invited to a party, the host will have indicated a dress code. Make sure you respect it. Be punctual or even slightly ahead of time.

Also, do not smoke in public or near restaurants. You'd be fined a lot of money. Your waste should not be thrown on the pavement and canine droppings should be collected immediately. Finally, don't forget to tip.

Knowing the customs to better integrate

It is no secret: the more you learn about how Americans live, the easier it will be for you to integrate. Thus, tips are an essential part of the American lifestyle. But unlike in Europe, the American tips have a special character in so far as it constitutes the salary of the employee whom you thank in this way and not a supplement to round off the end of the month.

Thus, every service rendered deserves tips because all work deserves wages.

Finally, Memorial Day is the day of remembrance for American soldiers who have died during war. So you can't ignore this very important date in the eyes of the Americans. That day is a holiday in the States. So if you are on American soil on the first Monday of May, you will know that day is a day of meditation and remembrance.

The good American manners are not necessarily the same as in Europe. You need to know how to behave in certain everyday situations so that you don't look like a very poor-mannered person.

You may have heard of it, but you don't know what it is. The tip is the American tip, but unlike in Europe, it is the salary of many professions that do not have a fixed salary. Its amount is fixed in relation to the service rendered. So know what you have to give if you go to a restaurant, for example.

American food is often pointed at. But Uncle Sam's gastronomy isn't limited to a few fat hamburgers. You will have the opportunity to taste many specialties and learn about the importance of meals that differ from what you know in Europe.

Memorial Day is a very important day of commemoration in the States. To understand the mechanisms of this holiday, it is best to immerse yourself in U. S. history.


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