Road trip to the states the must-see

Road trip to the states: The must-see places.

When you travel to the United States, it is imperative that you take the time to visit the most beautiful national parks. From breathtaking Grand Canyon scenery to Yellowstone's 3000 hot springs, your road trip wouldn't be complete without a visit from these must-see states.

Get ready to take your eyes full of memories and come back with memories of these preserved places where nature expresses all its beauty.

Beautiful trips in the heart of nature:

And our tour begins with the magnificent Yellowstone Park in Wyoming's 9,000 square kilometers of geysers and fumaroles, not to mention its innumerable waterfalls, the highest of which throws 94 metres.

But the main attraction remains the old faithful, a geyser throwing boiling water at more than 50 meters high every 1 h 30 exactly. Thermal place par excellence, it remains nevertheless very pleasant for walks and you will certainly meet bison, elk, beavers and lynx among others.

Crossing Arizona, you will inevitably be mesmerized by the Grand Canyon. Poor in vegetation, but rich in fauna, you will meet the condor of California. The bravest will launch on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge suspended at 300 meters above the Grand Canyon. An unforgettable crossing for those who will have the guts...

Wild landscapes for the most beautiful of trips:

In Arizona again, you can see the Death Monument Valley. If you don't know his name, you have seen him in many Westerns. Ochre landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see await you there, where the attraction consists in recognizing the shapes of the rocks to which the Navajo have given evocative names.

You will then leave for Florida to discover the Everglades. This place between marshes and vegetation has a unique fauna and a mysterious charm. The place is not visited on foot, but on board a propeller boat. Open your eyes wide open, which is where the Florida panther resides.

From nature to cities: the inescapable states.

If you have been amazed by the national parks, you'll only be able to fall under the spell of American cities. Gigantic and disproportionate for a city where everything is extraordinary: New York, the inescapable state.


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