Rent a room in an American family for your road trip

Rent a room in an American family for your road trip:

Your trip to the United States is taking shape. But have you thought about how you are going to find a place to live? Housing in the home is a possibility with many advantages at a reduced cost. You will only have to rent a room and share some meals with a real American family.

Other activities such as outings to national parks or the museum will be entirely at your expense; interesting options according to your desires.

Free or inexpensive, housing at home offers many advantages:

For your trip to the USA, you can plan your itinerary by booking rooms at the local's residence throughout your journey. This system is increasingly used and has many advantages. First, the cost is much lower than in a traditional rental or hotel. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to share your breakfast or dinner with real Americans, and immerse yourself in the local culture and gastronomy.

It is a system based on the discovery of cultures and lifestyles. You will find many sites specialized in the field. You can opt for cheap or completely free room rentals. A new system is being developed where you welcome travellers at home to earn points. Then, you rent your room in the USA using the points accumulated.

Precautions to take when staying with the locals:

As in all systems, this one has flaws that can be easily bypassed. So, when you book your room with the locals, don't hesitate to consult the comments of other travellers who stayed there before you. Once on the spot, if the landlord asks you for money or offers you only a sofa, do not hesitate to leave and sleep for one night in the hotel.

Finally, if you come across a landlord who thinks that accommodation at home is a means of meeting people and that his advances are becoming too urgent, flee to the nearest hotel. In any case, don't hesitate to return it to the site where you found this hosting. Please note that this is an indelicate landlord. This undesirable will be immediately removed from the site.

Rent a hotel room for your trip to the USA:

Many hotels are ready to welcome you for a night or more in the USA. See our dedicated article for more information.


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