How to rent a vehicle for your road trip in the United States?

How to rent a vehicle for your road trip in the United States?

You will travel to the United States for a road trip to discover the open spaces of the West or to Florida's amusement parks. To make this great tour, you need a vehicle. Don't worry; renting a car in the USA is even easier than it looks.

The must-have points to choose your car hire in the USA:

The legislation concerning car rental in the United States is quite flexible. A simple national permit will be sufficient to comply with the law of the country. The international license is no longer required to drive.

The driver must be 25 years of age in most cases. Exceptionally, the minimum age may be lowered to 21 years. One of the basic rules to keep your mind at ease is to insure yourself and, if possible, take out an insurance policy that covers the entire excess buyback up to the slightest hitch.

Book your car hire when you arrive in the USA or from Europe?

There are various options available to you for car rental in the USA. You can choose the Flight + Car option, book the car on line by yourself or proceed with the operation once you have arrived.

To avoid unnecessary hassles, the solution of using the comparators and reserving your car from Europe is in many respects the best way to avoid unnecessary hassles.

While American contracts appear to be economical, they are nonetheless laced with clauses and supplements that ultimately increase the cost of the contract until they become more expensive than the prices charged on the Internet.

Making European competition compete for your car rental:

While browsing the web of countries in Europe, it is necessary to note that the sites of the same rental network do not charge the same prices in France as in Spain. With an equivalent model, the prices can sometimes vary from single to double, if you go through the British or German site.

Companies like Hertz or Avis are no exception to this rule. Start by familiarizing yourself with the simulator of European car rental agencies before you can browse the European sites of the same group, especially if you don't speak the language. Be aware that European regulations are mandatory on these companies and that you will certainly be protected by insurance from a third party to the purchase of excess.

Particular attention should be paid to the issue of mileage. The distances to be covered are vast, so it is advisable not to skimp and opt for unlimited mileage.

In the United States, you can drive with an international license for 3 months. After this time you will have to pass the U. S. driver's license

To drive in the USA, you have to drive on the left. While this difference is fundamental, it is not the only one. The American Highway Code is different, so make sure you check before you drive.

Your European permit allows you to rent a car in the USA if your stay does not exceed 3 months. If not, you will need a driving license to drive in the United States.


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