When can I apply for the renewal?

Did you enjoy your stay in the United States? Of course, of course! And you would like to come back for your next vacation. However, your ESTA has expired and now you are without a residence permit.

ESTA is mandatory for business and leisure travel, it is time to take an interest in the steps required for a renewal application to get the famous paper allowing you to return.

When can I apply for the renewal?

As you already know, ESTA is valid for two years. This form is essential when you travel to the United States and will be asked for both when you board and when you disembark. You will not be able to enter the United States without it.

To apply for a renewal, you must wait until the expiry of the validity of your current title. At best, you can try to fill in the form a few days before your ESTA expires.

Where can I apply for the renewal?

In fact, ESTA is not renewing itself. When the document expires on its expiry date, re-apply as if it is the first time. You will have to go to either the official site or the dedicated sites to fill in a completely new form. Once again, you will have to pay a handling fee of between 14 euros and 80 euros depending on the sites.

It is only then that the administration will examine your new application and respond to it within 72 hours. With your new ESTA in your pocket, you will be able to show up for boarding on the day of your departure and fully enjoy your new trip on American soil. All this to the extent that your ESTA has been granted to you. If you don't have, it is something else.

What to do if my new authorization has been refused

If your ESTA application has been refused, we advise you to refer to our advice more widely explained in a completely different article.

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