Required documents to travel to the USA

You have decided to go to the United States for a leisure, business or work trip. We have prepared a list of practical information to help you prepare for your departure. These obvious prerequisites will be essential to make the most of your experience in the USA.

Before you leave, make sure you have everything you need there. Start with your ESTA or visa.

Required documents to travel to the USA

It would still be a shame to miss your departure for the United States on a paperwork matter. So, first thing to do, make sure your passport is valid. If not, proceed with its renewal as soon as possible.

The second thing to do is to apply for your ESTA or visa. These residence permits on American soil are indeed essential, in addition to your passport, to be able to embark for the USA.

ESTA wonders when you are travelling to the United States for a maximum of 90 days on business or pleasure trips. This authorization can be obtained online on the official website or on dedicated websites. You must request it at least 72 hours before your departure.

The VISA, on the other hand, concerns different types of stays of more than 90 days. You have to ask the American embassy in your country. The formalities are lengthy and it is advisable to do so well in advance.

Useful information to make your stay in the USA easier:

You are going to a country where English is spoken. It would therefore be good to have at least some basic knowledge of this language before embarking on Uncle Sam's country, because there, everyone will speak American to you. You can also use online courses or correspondence courses. The best way is to choose the method that suits you best and use the time to prepare your trip to learn to speak the language of the country you want to go.

You are going to need cash during your trip. And in the United States, it is not the euro that is going on, but the dollar. You should therefore consider changing your euros into dollars so that you can pay in cash once you arrive. The most practical solution is to go to your bank counter in France and ask for the exchange.

However, you can also change your euros in an American bank when you arrive or at the airport in your country or the United States. It's up to you to choose the most practical and cost-effective solution. Exchange fees are different depending on where you exchange them.

Before leaving for the States, you can learn English in accelerated English. Although fluency is the ideal, you will need a few notions to make yourself understood if you only speak non-English languages.

You must exchange your currency for dollars before you go to the United States. For that, you have several possibilities available to you, including stunned people, directly at the airport. However, the exchange fees are not the same and it is better to do so in advance.


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