The guide to plan your trip to the USA

The guide to plan your trip to the USA

Whether you want to visit, study, or work, any trip to the United States must be prepared. You will need to obtain a residence permit or VISA before you leave for Uncle Sam's country. For a road trip of less than 3 months, the ESTA authorization will suffice, but beyond that you will have to apply for a visa.

Entering the United States: which travel authorization?

The issue of travel authorization is crucial in the organisation of your stay. If you wish to have a trip, ESTA is easy to obtain if you meet the criteria for the award. To work, there is a VISA for each different case. Au pairs, trainees or au pairs will also receive a specific authorization.

The United States controls immigration enormously. So, if you wish to leave for the USA, please check that you can obtain an authorization and expect your procedures because some delays can be relatively long.

Many tourists leave each year to visit the United States. There are many packages available, but if you want to organize your own road trip, you will have to apply for an ESTA permit to enter the United States.

Working in the United States is a dream, but it's also a fighter's journey. Find out everything you need to know about the job market and how to get a valuable work visa.

For a young person, studying in the United States is a unique opportunity to discover the world apart from American universities. But before you leave, you will have to register at the chosen university, find your internship or your au pair job; otherwise you will not get your residence permit.

When you arrive in the United States, you will certainly need a car. Renting a car is the best way to drive in the United States during your stay and you can even book your car before you leave.

There are many ways to stay in the USA. You can rent a hotel or prefer an all-inclusive package. If you are young, you can also stay at home, a great way to immerse yourself in American culture.

The United States is not a destination like any other. The regulations impose many standards, in particular for flying

Before you leave to live your American dream, discover American customs, tips, food, guide to how to live and learn about American habits.

Before you leave, check out the practical information to make sure you don't forget anything before your trip.

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