The particular case of the statup to work in the States

Are you in the Tech sector? Your chances of working in the United States are multiplied. Indeed, Silicon Valley's innovative companies recruit from all walks of life and are very fond of the european workforce in this very special field. The case of the valley of Death is not isolated.

And if you want to find a job in the USA, it's best to knock on the doors of startups and show your skills. The Eldorado may be here...

Why Startups Recruit foreign profiles?

These innovative companies have a strong incentive to recruit foreign labor for several reasons. The first is that they do not find the skills required within their own country. But above all, this is the second reason: these start-ups intend to expand their markets beyond the borders of the United States and therefore have a vested interest in recruiting people from the countries they are targeting for their expansion.

By applying for a startup, you will have the opportunity to join a team composed in part of fellow countrymen. This means you'll be less lonely and will be able to adjust more easily to your new working and living environment. In addition, the good reputation of Europe in sectors such as IT will have preceded, so you will work in excellent conditions.

Ease of obtaining visas for start-ups:

Although never won, the U. S. administration issues a visa for qualified employees: the famous H1B visa. The startup makes the arrangements for you. Only, you have almost as much chance of getting it as winning the lottery. Applications for this visa are saturated and the number of applications far exceeds the quota granted by the US authorities each year.

At the moment, the US administration is in the process of setting up a visa specifically for start-ups in order to facilitate the recruitment process and ease the bottlenecks in the above-mentioned visa applications. In the meantime, you can always go through another type of visa. You should check which document is best for you.

The other ways to reach the El Dorado:

Startups are not the only gold mine of jobs in the United States. If you really want to find a job on American land, take advantage of our other tips in the dedicated articles below.


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