What is the mandatory document for children?

You are planning a family trip to the United States. But if you already know that ESTA form is mandatory for adults wishing to travel on business or pleasure trips in the United States, what about children? For minors, there are precise rules to which they must be subjected as adults. How is this document presented? Where can I find them? All the answers to these questions below.

What is the mandatory document for children?

In fact, the mandatory document for your children to travel to the United States is the same as that of adults:
Even babies must obtain this permission to stay, otherwise they will be denied boarding on the day of departure.

Minors or adults, all your family must have their own personal form to travel to the USA. Similarly, each family member must have a valid passport in his or her name and an airline ticket. For very young children who do not require a seat reservation, their name must appear on the ticket of either parent.

Formalities for children

Like adults, minors must make an online declaration on the official website or a dedicated website. Everyone must have their own form. So plan to make your group statements when you log in to get ESTA. In fact, applications for the same family are processed at the same time by the American administration.

The application fee for minors is the same as for adults, without discount. You should therefore consider paying them when you apply for your child.

Are minors in transit obliged to use the same forms?

Transit, whether for a minor or an adult, is the subject of a separate article. We recommend that you refer it for more information on this subject.

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