Do you need to re-apply if you have lost your ESTA?

Here's how to find your travel document in a few clicks:

  • If you have lost your travel document and you did not print it out beforehand, you can easily retrieve it. Simply log in to the official ESTA form and find it in a few clicks. We can also take care of recovering your ESTA authorization.

Losing it does not necessarily affect the validity of your authorization as long as your situation has not changed since your last trip to the United States.

Do you need to re-apply if you have lost your ESTA?

You've misplaced your authorization and you don't know how to find it. Don't panic. The process of retrieving an ESTA form is very simple. Many people who have lost their documents contact us to find out if they need to re-apply. The answer is no, as long as it's still valid. In any case, in order to avoid this kind of trouble, we advise you to print your authorization and keep it in a safe place.

As a reminder, the ESTA is valid for two years (also expire when your passport expires). This means that if your authorization is still valid, there is no need to re-apply, unless some information has changed since your last trip to the United States

If your name, country, employer or other personal information has changed since your last trip, you will need to submit a new application in order to have an up-to-date document.

What is the procedure for recovering your ESTA authorization?

To retrieve your ESTA document:

  1. Login to the official site.
  2. Click on “Retrieve Application.”
  3. You will then have the choice to retrieve a single request or a group of requests; click on the button that suits your case.
  4. Simply enter the requested information: passport number, date of birth and file number. If you do not know your file number, you can enter your last name, first name(s) and country of citizenship.

If the site indicates that it has not found a request, this means either that the information provided is incorrect or that your request has expired. A new application will then be required and the application fee will have to be paid again.

Print your travel document to avoid problems.

The best way to avoid searching for your ESTA document is to print it out immediately and keep a copy at home. This will save you a lot of stress on the eve of Uncle Sam's departure for the country.

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