Learn English prior to your trip

Are you going to the States? Don't worry; fluency in English is not required to obtain your ESTA or VISA.

That said, if you plan to spend a few days or even weeks in the USA, you will necessarily have to work with Americans. And for that, it is important that you still know some of the American basics in order to be able to speak.

Because if you can't make yourself understood, you will certainly have problems, even when ordering a dish!

You suck at English? Don't panic, there are fun and economical ways to learn English. If they do not guarantee that you will speak "like an American" in a few weeks, they will still allow you to have a correct conversation with an English-speaking person. Discover our practical information to learn how to speak Shakespeare's language in a few months.

Learn English online, a fun and practical method.

Unless you are going to the United States for professional reasons, there is no need to join a training center to learn English. Today's internet offers endless resources that will allow you to assimilate a language with little effort and without paying the single penny.

To learn the basics of a conversation in English, you can, for example, visit sites offering free language courses. As a rule, they give oral and written courses in grammar, spelling and vocabulary. They will offer you online tests to assess your level beforehand and will offer you courses and exercises accordingly.

This is the case of sites, but you can find many others on the web.

The benefits: You learn when you want, from anywhere and at your own pace.

Improvised language bathing, a good way to learn English:

Don't worry; it is not a question of locking yourself in a cage with Americans, although the idea is not bad. The best way to absorb a language quickly is to immerse yourself directly in it with the little knowledge you have. But if you can't spend your weekends in New York, why not join the English-speaking communities around you?

Isn't there any? Let's not let that matter! There are other alternatives: give preference to English-language radios over your local ones, and instead of reading the your language news, read the English news! Not only will you gain in oral comprehension, but you will also be able to acquire the "American" accent more easily.

You can also learn English in your everyday life, so you can learn to use the language of your mailbox and social network accounts in English, learn words or phrases and try to use them as much as you can on a daily basis.

In addition, there are many applications available today that will help you learn English quickly and easily so you can install it on your smartphone. As soon as you have time, you can throw yourself at it!

Fun ways to learn English easily:

Did you notice that? Children have more difficulty learning a language by watching cartoons than learning it at school. Do you know why? because you learn faster and easier when you are having fun.

Want to learn English in a fun way? Watch your favourite series in Original Version. You will see that after only a few days, you will naturally acquire an automatic understanding.

After few weeks, you will learn vocabularies that you would not even know. And after a few months, you would be surprised to find that you no longer need to read the translation from below to understand what is being said. You will understand sentences that until now you had not understood!

Music, a good way to get used to the American way:

You prefer music to series? This is hardly a constraint! On the contrary, you can also use your passion for music to learn English. In addition to listening to English songs, you can also visit sites such as Lyrics Training to practice listening comprehension. There are exercises for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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