What authorization to run a business in the USA?

What authorization to run a business in the USA?

Visa E is an investor's Visa that allows you to travel to the United States to work or run a business they have set up. In this way, when an investor wishes to travel to the United States, he or she will need to apply for a Type E Visa.

American consular officers issue three types of Visas: Visa E-1, Visa E-2 and Visa E-3.

The E Visa, the only one that allows you to invest in the United States:

Although technically a non-immigrant Visa, type E Visa can be renewed indefinitely provided that the company is still active (i. e. doing business). It is generally granted for a period of 5 years, and in addition to investors, it is also granted to company managers, specialized managers, etc.

In addition, due to a recent change in U. S. law, an investor's spouse who is a member of a country having business relations with the U. S. will be able to apply for a work permit on U. S. soil as long as the Visa holder retains his or her status.

Visa E type E1 to invest in the United States freely:

The Visa E-1 is available to businessmen who trade in goods and services with the USA. This Visa is for citizens whose country has signed a trade agreement with the United States of America. To obtain the E-1 Visa, the Visa applicant must submit their application to the U. S. Consulate in their country; if they meet all the requirements, the Visa will be approved and they will obtain it for a period specified in the trade agreement with that country.

If the Visa applicant is in the United States with another non-immigrant Visa, they can apply for a change of status.
Requirement for obtaining Visa E-1: For the applicant.

Please note that in order to obtain this valuable Visa, the applicant must have a necessary qualification to know the experience and knowledge required for the position he/she will occupy within the company on the U. S. land.
Requirement for obtaining Visa E-1: For the company.

The same goes for the company, which also has to have certain qualifications to practice on American soil. To apply for Visa, the company must conduct international business transactions between the Visa applicant's country of origin and the USA.
These commercial operations will involve the supply of goods and services, the purchase or sale of goods and services and the import or export of goods and services.

Please note that the company's activity must have started before applying for Visa. The company must also carry out a considerable volume of commercial transactions between the USA and the country where the Visa applicant resides.
No quota is set for the quantity of transactions to be carried out, but the company must demonstrate its ability to import and export a considerable quantity of goods or services with a high transaction frequency. In addition, the company will also have to carry out at least 50% of its transactions between the USA and the Visa applicant's country.

The E-Visa type E2 only for nationals of certain countries:

Like the Visa E1, the Visa E2 is a work Visa made available to foreign citizens who are from a country that has signed a bilateral investment agreement with the USA.

The duration of this Visa is determined by the bilateral agreement with the country of origin of the Visa applicant, and is also at the discretion of the embassy. This Visa is intended for entrepreneurs and investors who wish to establish and/or run a US company with the aim of investing considerable capital in the company.

Conditions for obtaining Visa E-2:
• The investor who may be a natural or legal person must be a citizen of a country with which the bilateral treaty has been signed with the USA.

• The investor must hold at least 50% of the company's shares.
• The investment must be substantial and must come from equity capital.
• The amount of the investment must be sufficient to cover the start-up and development costs of the company, although regulations do not require a minimum amount to invest.
• The company in question must contribute to the development of the local economy.
• A speculative or passive investment will not be able to meet the conditions.

The advantages of Visa E-2:

The spouse of the Visa E-2 holder can obtain a work permit in the U. S.
As long as the company exists and meets the qualification criteria, the investor will be able to renew his or her Visa. In short, no Visa E-2 renewal limit exists to date. As long as the company is active, generates turnover and participates in the local economy (employment among others), it will be possible to renew the Visa

Disadvantages of Visa E2:

• The Visa E2 does not lead to a Green Card. With this Visa, you will not be able to apply for a Green Card.
• On the day you stop working, you will have to return to your country of origin.

The E3 authorization, for Australians only:

The E-3 Visa is designed specifically for Australian citizens, their spouses and children, provided they are under 21 years of age. Can be likened to the H-1B working Visa, this Visa allows Australian citizens to reside in the USA and hold specific positions within a US company.

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