The benefits of getting your Green Card after your marriage:

Marrying an American citizen to get the Green Card, is that really a good idea?

Marrying an American citizen can actually allow you to get the famous Green Card. Note, however, that if this “marriage” really works, the process is not without its pitfalls and that due to the high number of white marriages registered in recent years in the United States, American immigration services are no longer easily fooled.

Getting the Green Card through marriage is still possible, but it will be controlled and you will have to prove your good faith. So, if like many foreigners, you have decided to use marriage to enter the United States permanently, you have a vested interest in what is believed!

The benefits of getting your Green Card after your marriage:

Getting a Green Card through a wedding is the most common strategy, because it is probably the easiest, if you know how to do it and/or are sincere. You're wondering why. Know that getting your Green Card through marriage offers many advantages:
You do not need Visa
The Green Card application is made by your spouse who will be responsible for authenticating your situation.
You get your Green Card as a priority.

If it takes a year or more to obtain the Green Card in other situations, because there are so many applicants and the list is very long, in the case of a marriage, the application is given priority. This is for the simple reason that this category of Green Card is not included in the quota system established each year.
You don't wait long.

Although immigration services are particularly vigilant of those who marry to live in the United States, they have reduced the waiting time for this procedure. If the deadline could actually go up to 5 years ago, a few years ago, now you only have to wait 18 months to two years maximum.

The disadvantages of getting your Green Card by marriage:

While the method is easy and very efficient, getting the Green Card through marriage does not offer only advantages. And if USCIS finds out that you've had a white wedding just to get the Sesame to the USA - a very common practice, unfortunately, even in France, to date – you will be facing serious problems.
Also, if you can't be barred from doing so, it is recommended that you pay attention and prefer "a real marriage".
Your spouse must have resided in the USA for at least 6 months:

For your relationship to be considered "true", USCIS now requires that your American spouse has resided in the States for at least six months. In other words, if you want to get your Green Card through a wedding, you will have to prepare your "coup" at least a year in advance. Otherwise, your spouse will be required to apply for I-130 after USCIS and you will still have to wait a few months or even a year before you can get it.

You are entirely dependent on your spouse:

A bargain for you, but an extra commitment for him! For you to obtain your Green Card, your spouse must sign an "Affidavit of Support". This document will require you to insure your life materially and financially for at least 10 years. He will therefore also have to prove that he has the necessary means to do so.
If not, he or she will have to request an I-130 from USCIS. A particularly lengthy procedure, it can take a year before your request is processed.

Your Green Card is temporary:

That is right! Due to the growing number of white marriages registered in the United States, USCIS grants only a two-year validity to Green Cards issued in weddings. This is to ensure that the couple is strong and that their union is true. After these first two years, if you are still married to your U. S. spouse, you will be issued a Green Card valid for 10 years.
Otherwise, if you do not have a valid reason for the separation, your sesame seed may be removed.
The Green Card does, but without marrying anyone!

If you are wondering if getting your Green Card by marrying an American is worth it, the answer is "YES". However, only if you get married for the right reasons, in other words, that your marriage is really the fruit of a real relationship, with all that this implies.

Admittedly, many people have fooled USCIS by entering into a blank marriage. That said, please note that this act has far-reaching consequences. Because if the American immigration services discover the pot aux roses, you'll be in trouble!

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