The E1 E2 visa in question

Do you dream of going to work in Uncle Sam's country? This is possible by obtaining an EB-5 visa that gives you access to the famous green card. To be eligible for this document, you must have equity and make an investment in the United States.

Of course, this money is not enough to get the right to work without time limits in the USA. Other conditions are required.

The E1 E2 visa in question

This visa is very little known and yet it gives access from the first year to a temporary green card which can become permanent under conditions after 2 years. To obtain this visa, you will need to invest in a Regional Centre approved by the USCIZ. The latter correspond to geographically defined territories where the United States wishes to develop work.

The provision of funds should not be in any form either. So you will have to invest $500,000 to create a business that will generate 10 full-time jobs. The recruitment of American employees is done directly by the American administration. You will also have to prove that your funds are legal and do not come from an illegal source of money.

Obtaining the green card with the E1 E2 visa

In the first year that you have invested the funds and your company meets the criteria, the U. S. administration will issue you with a temporary green card. It will be necessary to wait until the end of the second year of operation, more precisely 90 days before the expiry of the visa and the provisional green card, to submit an application for a permanent green card.

If you prove that you have a respectable return on your investment and that you can maintain the 10 full-time jobs initially created, you will be granted a final green card. If you go through all of these steps, your family, spouse and child under 21 years of age will get the green card just like you.

The right to work in the USA: a game of chance?

If you don't have $500,000 to invest in the U. S., there are other ways to get the famous green card, such as trying your luck at the Green Card lottery.

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