Find internship in USA

How to settle a first tie opportunity in an American company?

The internship is a great way to get a first opportunity in an American company and imagine one day being able to work in the United States. It's sort of half way between studying in the USA and working in the USA. To find and then obtain your internship, you will have to work hard and adapt to the Americans' demand.

To find an internship, use unsolicited applications:

There are several ways to find an internship in the USA. The first of these is both the simplest and the most complicated: Spontaneous applications. It is easy to implement, but it can be more complicated in terms of implementation, as it requires a lot of effort and personal investment. Of course, the more applications are sent in, the more likely it is that you will get a positive response. But patience and above all perseverance are needed.

To put all the odds on its side, it is preferable to target European companies based in the United States, as they are often looking for bilingual trainees. They are in large numbers, particularly in certain sectors such as fashion, luxury and gastronomy.

If you want to do an internship in the United States, ask for help from your personal network:

This is without a doubt one of the best solutions to find an internship in the USA if you obviously have a good network. Having the support of a person can open many doors and put your resume at the top of the list. It is to have the assurance that the employer will consider their application. The network must be understood in the broadest sense and not be limited to the family nucleus or its circle of friends.

It can be an acquaintance, a close friend or family member, or the network of your school. Don't hesitate to talk about it around you in order to disseminate the information as much as possible.

Search for your internship in the United States on American job sites:

Another solution is to go straight to the source. By consulting the internship offers, you will be able to respond more easily to the demand and obtain the precious sesame. For this reason it is important to know a minimum of English in order to understand the ads. You can visit some of the sites specialized in internships such as internships.com or internmatch.com; The search for internships must be carried out according to the sector in which you wish to work, but also according to the city.

Some states or cities have indeed specialized in very specific fields. Examples include New York, where fashion, finance and luxury are located; Silicon Valley, which is the region of High Tech; and Texas and Virginia, which specialize in the aerospace sector.

Agencies responsible for finding you an internship:

For those who prefer, there are companies that take on the task of finding an internship for you. Of course, they are not free, but they can make your life easier, especially if you are in a hurry or don't want to approach the companies yourself. These companies include Intern Abroad USA, Calvin Thomas, which mainly offers unpaid internships of less than three months, and My Internship Abroad. Some of these agencies also offer foster care.

To be sure to please an American company, redo your resume:

Finally, you should know that it is important to adapt it to the American standards for all applications. The CV thus follows a very specific pattern that differs from our standards. Unlike the European model, it is not advisable to indicate your age or to insert a photo of yourself in your CV. Please consult websites before writing your CV in English.


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