Find and complete the ESTA form.

Your trip to the United States will only be possible if you fill out the ESTA document (to know more about ESTA, read our article What is ESTA?). Your stay in the United States, for pleasure or business, if it does not exceed 3 months, requires the issuance of this travel authorization. So, Where and how to get it? What information is needed? Do you have to print it? These are all legitimate questions that are answered in the lines of this article.

Find and complete the ESTA form.

You have understood that this document is necessary for your trip and is only required 3 days before departure. No boarding without ESTA. The procedure is relatively simple and will only take a few minutes. The request for authorization is made exclusively online on the official website or dedicated websites.

ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization is an electronic authorization. It is logical that its request should also be made electronically. You can access the form by clicking on the tab "Individual request".

There, you have several paving stones that appear where you must answer the questions asked. The first block concerns your identity. The second is about your trip. You will have to state your flight and passport number. The final piece of work focuses on your possible criminal record and how you feel about the United States. This last part consists of about ten questions in closed answer.

After completing the form, should it be printed?

Your answers will be studied by the American administration after you have paid the fees, usually between 14 euros and 80 euros. You will receive an answer by e-mail or you will have to check the status of your request regularly. The time frame varies depending on the number of requests to be processed, among other things.

The answer can be immediate or delivered within 72 hours maximum, if your ESTA is pending for example. This is when the question arises about whether you should print it out.

Again, in reference to its name, ESTA is an electronic system that does not normally require printing. When you arrive at boarding, the air traffic controllers have software that will allow them to verify your authorization simply by presenting your passport. However, nothing prevents you from printing it and keeping it with you. This is a security in the event of a computer failure.

Some sites offer help to help you fill out the ESTA form. You will benefit from personalized online support. You will get an official ESTA.

To submit your ESTA application, you must fill out a form in a specific place. You will have the choice between the official site and the dedicated sites.

The ESTA document is an electronic authorization issued by the U. S. authorities to allow you to stay in the United States for 90 days on a business or pleasure trip. We advise you to print your ESTA authorization.

Note that chnage of president, such as Donald Trump or the next one, can change a lot of rules concerning ESTA.

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