Can we really be turned away from the United States?

You have prepared your journey for a long time and the great day has finally come. You finally have your ESTA or VISA in your pocket.

Here are a few tips to make sure you don't miss out on your entry to the United States. Contrary to what you may imagine, these formalities are importance because you could be repressed as soon as you arrive.

Can we really be turned away from the United States?

There are cases where the American authorities decide not to allow a person to enter the United States even if these documents are in order and they have obtained a visa. No need to look for a justification, it is impossible to obtain. It is therefore preferable to take all necessary precautions to avoid problems.

First, take care to bring with you the necessary documents: Your biometric passport, your ESTA certificate or your VISA, and any other document proving the reasons for your stay.

When you are transitioning to immigration, stay relaxed. Fill out the forms carefully and answer the questions with frankness during the interview.

Since the attacks of 2001, security standards have been tightened throughout the United States and at airports, and even more so since the recent election of Donald Trump.

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