How to obtain a visa for the United States?

To travel to the USA, you will need to seek permission from the US authorities. Depending on the activity you will have on American soil, obtaining your visa will not be subject to the same rule.

How to obtain a visa for the United States?

It is perfectly compulsory to have a visa to enter the United States. To obtain it, you will have to go to the embassy and make a formal request. You will then need to provide all supporting documentation to support your application. Some visas are more difficult to obtain than others and cost from 150 to 400€.

Can we do without a visa to go to the United States?

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the 27 countries where ESTA is available, then you will not need a visa. However, ESTA is a temporary travel authorization limited to 90 days. It cannot be used for work, so it is intended for tourists or for a simple business trip. If ESTA refuses you will still have to apply for a VISA from the US Embassy.

The interview at the embassy, a mandatory step to obtain a visa

Regardless of the type of VISA requested the interview at the U. S. Embassy and a mandatory step in the VISA application process. In English, it will be used to explain your motivations for going to the United States. Please be well prepared, gathering all the necessary documents and preparing the answers to the questions you will be asked.

Whatever the purpose of your trip to the United States, you must apply for a VISA, except in the very specific case of visa waiver. To visit the USA or even simply to transit through the USA, the law imposes strict rules on you to obtain a visa.

There are different types of visas to work in the United States If you have an American work contract, apply for an H1B visa, while if your company sends you to the USA to open a branch you will need an L-1 visa. If you are travelling to the United States for business investment, you will need an E visa. And if you are a recognized expert, you will be issued a specific type of visa, or P.

In the United States, the F-type visa is a non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to study in the United States at a school, and most often at an American university. Universities in the USA are, however, paying and especially very expensive (between $15,000 and $50,000 per year on average). This VISA does not allow the holder to work off-campus during his first year of study.

Whether you want to do an internship in the United States or go as an au pair, there is a specific type of visa for you. The J visa, also called an internship visa, allows you to carry out an internship in a company, while the J1 visa allows you to work as an au pair for a period of 12 months and under certain conditions.

In order to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world, the United States should soon announce the creation of a VISA dedicated to Startups. Indeed, the USA wants to facilitate the creation of businesses in the United States, even if obtaining this VISA is subject to certain conditions (growth potential, job creation, etc.).

The green card is a permanent residence permit issued by the US government. It allows you to live and work freely on American soil. It is accessible according to drastic conditions based on work, family reunification or marriage. A unique lottery is the only one of its kind that allows a few lucky ones to win their green card each year.

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