Which companies are hiring in the United States

Which companies are hiring in the United States?

You are from Europe and you want to work in the USA? Make the most of your assets in the fields of European excellence to quickly find a job in the United States. European touch is appreciated in many sectors.

If you don't like this option, you can still apply to companies that hire because they are struggling to recruit and are still in demand.

Sectors experiencing labor shortages:

A brief reminder of the formalities for working in the United States is necessary before proceeding. To work on American land, you must obtain a VISA. Several authorizations exist depending on the different jobs. So you need to know what kind of work you're going to have to do in order to find out what kind of visa you need to apply for from the US authorities.

The famous green card is accessible only under certain conditions; it remains sesame that many coveted.

Currently, the sectors recruiting in the USA are retail, health, education, tourism and catering. You can find out if one of its branches corresponds to your skills. And don't forget that in the States, experience takes precedence over diplomas. So remember to write your resume starting with your past jobs.

The privileged sectors for the European touch:

It is good to know that the sectors that we will mention are those where the Europeans are very widely represented. So you will find yourself in the company of compatriots who have already taken the step before you.

Communication, tourism and information technology are also very promising sectors for Europe candidates. These are sectors where the American workforce is poor and therefore companies naturally turn to foreign candidates with strong references in the field.

What if your American dream is to start a business?

Startups have a great deal of success on American soil. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for you to move from dream to reality.


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