Choose your suitcase for your travel

Flying to the United States is very common. However, the flight lasts a long time and it is best to choose your suitcase carefully so that it can withstand the various manipulations at airports. Your laundry and your various items deserve to arrive on American soil without being crumpled or damaged. To do this, it is necessary to take the time to select your luggage carefully so that it is adapted to your trip and brings you complete satisfaction.

Essential factors to choose your suitcase:

In order to choose your suitcase correctly, you must take into account certain essential factors by answering a few questions: What type of trip are you planning? How long is the planned trip? What type of business will you be carrying? According to your answers, you will not select the same baggage.

For a business trip, a small carry-on baggage will do the trick. If you are planning a leisure trip, a large suitcase is available. Depending on whether you are alone or traveling with your family, you will find suitcases of different sizes and even king size to keep all your belongings in. For your fragile toiletries, you can opt for a vanity case.

Choose your suitcase if you are travelling by airplane:

To get to the States, you may want to fly. Also, the choice of your luggage must take into account this type of transport. You will need a suitcase that is both strong and light. Resistant to be subjected to loading and unloading manipulations while protecting your belongings from shocks and light weight because you cannot exceed a certain weight when depositing your luggage, otherwise you will have to pay extra.

Polycarbonate suitcases combine all the advantages mentioned above.

In addition, your suitcase must have a secure locking system such as a code to prevent theft. We also advise you to choose a model equipped with castors to facilitate your comings and goings in airports.

The security of your flight to enjoy your flight with peace of mind:

Although the choice of your suitcase is essential, there is another point to explore so that you can enjoy your trip. It is about safety in air flight. We have devoted a full article to this subject (see below).

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