The benefits of living in an American family

Living in the Home: What's in it for your U. S. education?

Your application for admission to an American university has been accepted. You have completed the formalities to obtain your visa to study in the United States. All you have to do is find a place to stay while studying. Immersion in a local family is a good solution. In addition to the undeniable advantages of learning the language, you will also benefit from significant advantages.

Living in an American family: Making sure you are safe before you leave.

You can stay with a host family while studying in the States. Generally speaking, the exchange agencies between Europe and American universities are also there to help you find the American family that will welcome you throughout your stay. The selection criteria are rigorous and you will be followed to see if everything goes well once you arrive.

This is a considerable asset: You won't be released into the wilderness without knowing who to turn to if you have a problem. The family must complete a specific questionnaire and be interviewed before they can receive an international student. The accommodation must be located close to the university where you will study. So you won't have the whole town to cross.

Immersion in the American Family: Live America to the fullest!

Immersion in the American family has many advantages. You will have a unique experience allowing you to come back fully bilingual from your stay. You will speak American 24/7. But you will also be in contact with the everyday life of a real American family. You will follow their lifestyle, habits and customs live.

It is a way of living the American experience 100%. You will also taste the local cuisine. You will live like a true native for several months. You will come back from your study trip and become fully acquainted with American culture.

How to find an American family for housing?

The exchange programs between American and French universities are a solution to find the American family that will welcome you. We invite you to consult our dedicated article on this subject.


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