Being Au Pair in the States

Living with an American family, what residence permit?

The decision to travel can be motivated by several reasons - for your studies, holidays, a job or an internship, etc. In the latter category, there is a special trade that is rather reserved for women and that require immersion in an American family.

It is present in several countries and governed by specific rules. This is the au pair job. What is it about and how to exercise it in the USA? Do I need a residence permit or a VISA?

What is an au pair?

An au pair is a person who moves to a foreign country with a host family for a stay of sharing and exchange. She is welcomed as a member of the family, but she has specific tasks to perform. It is about taking care of children, their food, their follow-up, their safety, their school and social activities.

In short, she must always be there for them and serve as a model. She also has to help with the tasks of the house without becoming a housewife.

The prerequisite for becoming an au pair in the USA:

Every country has its own regulations concerning au pairs. In the USA, any girl wishing to settle as an au pair must be at least 18 years of age and at most 26 years of age. She must hold a Baccalaureate degree, hold a driving license and be free of any commitment for 12 months.

An intermediate level of English is required as well as perfect health including no smoking. Therefore, they must have a clean criminal record and be able to provide letters of recommendation justifying their babysitting experience.

How to find an au pair place in the USA?

The most important part of becoming an au pair is finding a host family. Several agencies exist and offer support and follow-up services to candidates in order to secure their procedures.

It is preferable to contact those with formal authorization to be sure of the outcome of the procedure.

Once the agency's question has been settled, the file must be compiled. After this stage, the agency carries out language and personality tests before transferring the whole to its counterpart in the USA. The file is then presented to families looking for an au pair who contact the girls they wish to have.

The final decision is left to the applicant who, after interviewing her potential host families, will be able to make final choice.

In addition, sites such as AuPairWorld allow you to register your profile as a peer girl and find host families that match your profile. And it is only after this stage, and by mutual agreement, that the host family and the au pair choose an agency from the official list to take care of all the administrative procedures until obtaining the visa.

Prepare and finance your trip to the USA as an au pair, don't forget the visa application:

To stay in the United States as an au pair, you must be in possession of a visa called Visa J1. The agency asked to find the host family is the same agency that takes care of the visa formalities. She sends the file to the U. S. embassy in the candidate's country.

The latter will then be asked to interview the applicant in order to obtain a visa. The fees for the agency and visa application are to be paid by the au pair. However, after obtaining a visa, the host family will pay for the return airfare.

Once on American soil, some agencies organize orientation and visiting sessions before letting the au pair join her new family.

The advantages of the au pair profession:

The host family must provide the au pair with a single room. In return for the benefits provided, an amount of US$ 195.75 is paid to the au pair per week.

In addition, a $500 bursary is also provided to finance his studies and travel expenses. The host family also takes out insurance to cover medical and surgical expenses, civil liability and repatriation costs.

In addition, the au pair is entitled to two weeks of paid leave during the year and must enroll in a faculty in her host region with American civilization and language as the basis for her studies.

Important warnings before moving to an American family:

In order to enjoy your au pair's stay in the USA, you need to be able to enjoy your au pair's stay in the USA a particular love for children, to be motivated and devoted. When interviewing, ask all the questions necessary to get an idea of the families in order to make the best choice.

If there are several proposals, a family with experience in au pair matters should be preferred.


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