How to obtain the L-1 work visa for professional transfer?

Your company has decided to transfer you to one of its American subsidiaries. You must therefore meet certain conditions to obtain a work permit in the States. You will need to fill out an L1 visa file in order to be able to board at your new place of work.

This type of visa is reserved for staff with key positions in the company such as consultants... and has the big advantage of being able to obtain a green card.

How to obtain the L-1 work visa for professional transfer?

As with any type of visa, the L1 VISA can be obtained from the American embassy or consulate. The conditions for justifying your professional qualities must be clearly set out. This is the key requirement for this type of visa, even if it does not exempt you from providing the other required documents and interviewing the embassy.

At the level of the company that sends you to the United States, the terms are relatively flexible. There are no minimum size requirements or turnover requirements. In addition, the purpose of the subsidiary established in the United States may be completely different from that of the foreign parent company without any problems. Everything depends on your professional skills and your role in the American subsidiary.

Does the work visa open up rights for the family?

Obviously, people transferred by their company to the USA may have a family to take with them. The US Administration has therefore foreseen this scenario. Your family, spouse and unmarried child under 21 years of age, will be able to come with the L1 visa holder.

Family members will be issued an L2 visa, which gives them permission to go to school and work on American land.

The L1 visa is valid for up to 7 years continuously. Beyond this limit, the person must leave the United States for at least one full year before they can claim to return to the United States by re-applying for an L1 visa. Unless he decides to apply for a green card, the L1 visa is one of the options for obtaining a green card.

What are the situations in which the green card can be obtained?

In addition to the L1 visa, there are other situation where foreigners may be able to obtain the US Green Card. Marriage is an example of this and is also subject to conditions.

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