ESTA program, easier access for nationals of participating countries

Electronic System for Travel Authorization, for your short stay in the USA:

The ESTA program, or Electronic System for Travel Authorization, allows people from 37 countries to access the USA without requiring a visa. A simple authorization given by the American authorities is enough to authorize a stay of 90 days maximum on American soil.

The Visa Waiver Programme was launched in 2008 to improve the effectiveness of immigration controls at the border after 11 September.

ESTA program, easier access for nationals of participating countries

The ESTA program, or Electronic System for Travel Authorization, was created in 2008 to allow citizens of the 37 countries that have signed Visa Waiver Program to enter the United States without a visa. This simplified process, also called visa waiver, saves you from the tedious process of applying for a visa if you fall within its scope. ESTA is reserved for people who travel to the USA for professional and tourist reasons, but whose stay does not exceed 90 days on American soil.

The United States requires ESTA-certified travellers to travel on a US-accepted airline and possess a biometric passport. Easier to obtain than a visa, ESTA is issued in 99.9% of cases.

Which countries are participating in the ESTA Visa Waiver Programme?

Are you a French citizen? You are lucky, because French citizens are eligible for the exemption program of VISA or ESTA. Why lucky? Quite simply, because of the 197 countries in the world, only 37 countries participate in the programme.

This means that citizens of other countries must apply for a VISA at the U. S. embassy, even if they are in transit or want to go there for a few days on vacation.

Participating countries are:

Andorra Denmark Iceland Luxembourg Saint Marin Taiwan
Australia Estonia Italy Malta Singapore United Kingdom
Austria Finland Korea (South) Monaco Slovakia  
Belgium France Japan New Zealand Slovenia  
Brunei Germany Lettonia Norway Spain  
Chile Greece Liechtenstein Netherland Switzerland  
Czech Republic Hungary Lituania Portugal Taiwan  


It should be noted that Greece is the last country to have entered the ESTA system. Greek citizens have been able to apply for ESTA since 5 April 2012.

How do I apply for your Electronic System for Travel Authorization?

To obtain ESTA, you must apply for it on the online form. You will need to indicate your Indenter, complete contact information and family status, as well as your medical condition and the reasons for your trip. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is granted in most cases and you will receive your answer within 24 to 48 hours of your request.

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